She's the hottest woman in the world and is only going to get hotter.
When an elevator stops on the 43rd floor her friend texts Hannah to jump to get it moving...
When a mom doesn’t show up to collect her kid, a daycare worker fears the worst.
Sara is a real estate agent who is supposed to sell a bizarre and creepy mansion.
A boy is told if he camps out in the American Suicide Forest overnight and survives
Jim is in Colorado when he encounters a row of houses where all the cars have their tires slashed...
Dare you type in the name of your crush and enter the janitor's closet with them?
A sister frantically attempts to help her brother who is trapped in a California wildfire.
In a park, a man notices a young girl alone. There is something familiar about her.
When Hayden finds a mystereous Christmas present on the street, he takes it home. Big mistake.
A woman texts her ex for help, saying she is lost in a creepy maze.
A boy in the Middle school library hears a shushing noise and believes it's the creepy librarian.
When a creepy school lunch lady bullies a girl in the lunch hall, Anya rushed to get help.
A man wakes up on a football pitch with a phone tied to his leg.
The creepy school crossing guard is rumored to push you into traffic if you don't listen to her.
With a storm coming in, everyone is told to evacuate.
A man tries to overtake a truck on the freeway when a claw reaches out and picks up his car.
My friend Jane sent me these creepy texts while she was babysitting.
Kayla is home alone babysitting when she receives creepy texts from an unknown caller.
A lost phone reveals screepy texts about people who hide secret cameras behind mirrors.
As he sits in the park watching kids, a creepy man gets a bizarre text message.
A substitute teacher warns his class about the creepy book FISHING FOR KIDS.
A creepy old building seems to drip blood, suggesting something creepy is hidden within.