The American Suicide Forrest

A boy is told if he camps out in the American Suicide Forest overnight and survives, his dad will buy him a bike. While most are aware of The Suicide Forest in Japan because of Logan Paul, not as many know about the American Suicide Forest. It was nicknamed because of the strange number of unexplained suicides. Some consider it a creepypasta, but the truth is far more sinister. The American Suicide Forest story follows Timmy, who camps out overnight. His dad offers him a bike if he can survive the night. Little does he know that someone else is in the forest, someone who is really responsible for the deaths of many. As Timmy sits in a tree, a small boat pulls up along a river frequented by alligators. Timmy soon hears screaming and sees a woman held captive in a net. As Timmy attempts a rescue, he texts his friend back home, giving him all the details. This creepy texting story is from Don’t Turn Around, where each week a new creep is right around the corner.